In the beginning SpringTrap runs to the office and says "SECURITY GUARD, WHERE ARE YOU?"

Then reaches the window and says "When I'm done with you, Your face will look like mashed potatoes."

He is also incredibly idiotic as he has fallen for pranks by the guard (ex. BB's laugh)

He also is very stubborn, As he says "WHERE IS THAT CHILD?! WHERE ARE YOU HIDING IT?!"

He then notices Freddy and says "Freddy?" To which Phantom Freddy replies "Hello!" then SpringTrap says "Hello, Freddy."

SpringTrap says to Phantom Freddy "Freddy, Don't talk to this guy, He's an asshole."

He then would say "He's hiding a child somewhere and he WON'T show me where, You know what that means?"

Phantom Freddy then thinks.

SpringTrap then says "We can't throw a birthday party, Freddy."

Phantom Freddy then replies "No!"

SpringTrap replies "Yes! We need to find him Freddy, He wants birthday cake."

SpringTrap is heavily against Phantom Freddy reading fanfics. SpringTrap says "STOP READING FANFICS! THEY'RE CONFUSING YOU!"

SpringTrap is very gullible, As he will say "But first I'm gonna do one final check to make sure that child doesn't exist."

SpringTrap then tries to catch the Security Guard by surprise, but gets hit in the knee with a crowbar Phantom Foxy gave the security guard.

He then says "FOXY, WHAT THE FUCK."

Phantom Foxy then says "I DON'T KNOW, I'M BORED!"

Then when it turns to 6 AM SpringTrap says "Oh go fuck yourself."

SpringTrap (Piemations)